May 13, 2013 Kim
Jewels by the Sea
Last month we decided that our team of Sales Associates would benefit from a new voice, so we called Mrs. Welcome and asked her to come in and do a session on Professional Charisma with us.  Talk about time well spent.  The group session was captivating and Mrs. Welcome really got everyone involved.  The topic was an important one for our industry and turned out to really clarify and enlighten the team about what they could do to connect with customers and make them feel comfortable.  After the group session Mrs. Welcome took time to meet with each of our staff one on one to assess them as well as to hear from them regarding any areas of Customer Service they felt they needed help in.  The reaction of the staff was overwhelmingly positive.  Newer employees appreciated the tips and practical suggestions she was able to share with them, our seasoned veterans loved the enthusiasm and reminders that she infused into her interaction with them.  I received several thank you emails from staff and have seen an improvement both in morale and performance since the sessions.
I was extremely please too with the level of professionalism Mrs. Welcome displayed.  She met with me ahead of time to understand our specific needs so that she could tailor her information.  Then at the conclusion of her sessions she sat down with


 me to review her interactions and observations of each team member and sent a written version of the same.  I could not have asked for more.  I would definitely recommend Mrs. Welcome as a consultant for other businesses that are looking to improve their teams Customer Service performance.
 In fact, know we call her “Kim Thank You” instead of “Kim Welcome!”
Rory Dean
General Manager
Jewels by the Sea
Jewels by the Sea

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