Boost Your Career with Kim Welcome’s Charisma Club!

Kim started the Charisma Club for all levels of students, professionals and entrepreneurs interested in taking the first step towards developing their professional charisma.

This is an entry level membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Kim Welcome and her coaching team at influentialvoice at a very affordable rate – just US$9.99 a month!

Once a month, Kim hosts a webinar which sometimes features other influentialvoice experts as they cover how to effectively communicate in a way that conveys intelligence, confidence, competence, credibility and trustworthiness while boosting your likeability factor and overall professional presence.

Here’s what you get as a Charisma Club Member:

  • A Monthly Webinar with Kim and her influentialvoice experts
  • An opportunity to interact with others like you that are interested in boosting professional charisma within a question & answer, up close and personal atmosphere
  • A digital transcript of the webinar you can download and retain for note-taking or for future reference
  • A downloadable audio file of the webinar you can retain for note-taking or for future reference
  • Should you miss a call, all Charisma Club members will receive access to digital versions of the transcript and downloadable audio file via email
  • Access to Free Video Trainings, materials and workshops with pre-registration opportunities for early class availability


I understand for that low investment in my professional success, I will enjoy monthly webinars with you and your influentialvoice experts, as I learn to effectively communicate and boost my likability factor. I understand that I will regularly receive FREE materials develop my professional presence.  I understand that I can cancel anytime by simply letting you know via phone or email, and future charges will be immediately canceled.

Don’t wait — get started now. Choose a Monthly or Annual Subscription below and CLICK “SUBSCRIBE” TO JOIN KIM WELCOME’S CHARISMA CLUB.

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