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If you are ready to enhance your charisma for career and business success

register for my upcoming small group coaching workshop.

You are going to love what I have in store for you.

I take pride in helping my clients to improve their areas for development and I have had measurable success.

Over the course of 4 weeks…

You will be taken by the hand in a small group setting

once a week for 90 minutes


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Jewels by the Sea
Last month we decided that our team of Sales Associates would benefit from a new voice, so we called Mrs. Welcome and asked her to come in and do a session on Professional Charisma with us.  Talk about time well spent.  The group session was captivating and Mrs. Welcome really got everyone involved.  The topic was an important one for our industry a…
Jewels by the Sea

I use to always get jittery and tense when it was time to present in front of colleagues. You would think that someone who wanted to pursue acting and be on television would be the exact opposite.

In 2012 I had the opportunity to host the 3rd season of BTC Starmaker. I was alright, but in TV, you can’t simply be “alright” and I’m my toughest critic, so “alr…

Fanchon DawkinsActress, Model, TV Personality

My decision to engage the services of Kim Welcome at Influential Voice for Voice Coaching has provided me with of myriad of benefits that has paid great personal dividends.

This training has allowed me to brand my personal image and reposition myself while developing poise and charisma, which are necessary attributes for growth in the professional marketp…

Donna MortimerSystem Administrator, Central Bank of The Bahamas





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