Are you a stellar performer
but have been overlooked for a promotion?


Do you have an excellent resume
but haven’t been able to land the job you want?


Do you want to develop better business relationships?


Are you often misunderstood or are your insights often ignored?


Do you sometimes feel that your inability
to express yourself is hindering your success? 


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Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that 85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge. – Forbes Magazine

It is no longer good enough to simply be good at what you do or have a great product or service to sell. The marketplace is highly competitive. In order to distinguish yourself, it is imperative to develop communication skills that will open doors of opportunity and sustain great business relationships.

As a trained Voice Actor with an extensive background in Sales, Marketing and Training, I have discovered it is the skills learned from these disciplines we all need to incorporate into our professional persona for career and business success. I call it Professional Charisma.

Communicate Building Blocks

We can unknowingly be hindered by:-

  • the sound of our voice
  • our speech 
  • the words we use

Plus, other things can inadvertently alienate the very people we need as allies like:-

  • our body language
  • our approach 


My clients include banks, insurance companies, hotels and several others who call upon me to equip their staff with tools to communicate with more polish and presence so they can better represent their organizations.

I am now offering you the keys to develop communication skills that will help you to better represent yourself. It’s time to get the job or promotion and move up the corporate ladder.

In my upcoming Free Video Trainings I will show you how anyone, no matter what your personality type, can develop a charisma that will make it easier for you to excel and reach your career goals.

Imagine where you can go in your career if you couple your skills with a little Professional Charisma.

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